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CamBSA attends CAMELS conference, 9th November 2013, Bamenda/CAMEROON

African Biological Safety Association affiliate in Central Africa, the Cameroon Biological Safety Association (CamBSA) sent a delegation to attend and train attendees, at the just ended 11th National Scientific Conference of the Cameroon Association of Medical Laboratory Science (CAMELS), on laboratory safety. The CamBSA’s participation at the CAMELS’ conference represents an attempt to create awareness regarding biosafety and biosecurity issues as well as providing the necessary training for implementation of biosafety and biosecurity in diagnostic laboratories. This is in line with CamBSA’s and AfBSA's objective to expand biological safety awareness and promote the development of work practices, equipment and facilities to reduce the potential for occupational hazards and adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically-derived materials.
CamBSA’s delegates at the conference were:

  • Mrs Mefomdjo Pierette – CamBSA President
  • Mrs Esemu Seraphine – CamBSA Secretary

Mrs Mefomdjo Pierette elaborated in her presentations the following:
The CamBSA: Purpose, objectives and membership
Personal protective equipment (PPE) , one of the biorisk mitigation control  measures Mrs Mefomdjo, gave the participants a detailed overview on PPE, starting with the choice of PPE and stressing upon the importance of knowing donning and doffing the PPE.
Mrs Esemu Seraphine, in her presentations addressed the following issues:

  • Laboratory safety: Introductory biosafety and biosecurity
  • Laboratory safety: Waste management and disposal

Mrs Esemu gave an overview of the general practices and procedures that enhance laboratory safety with emphasis on the different biosafety levels and the hierarchy of controls. She highlighted that appropriate measures to enhance laboratory safety are guided by a proper risk assessment procedure which takes into consideration the impact of every laboratory activity/product/pathogen etc on human and environmental health.
A question and answer session followed each presentation. The general feeling of the conference participants was that of satisfaction and appreciation.
The CAMELS president, Mr CHATTAD Patrick, expressed satisfaction for the presentations and thanked CamBSA for their prompt response following CAMELS request for the laboratory safety training; he added this is a beginning of collaboration in the organization of  such trainings/workshops and/or meetings as a way to enhance laboratory safety in Cameroon.

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