Update on Future of CWA 15793 Laboratory Biorisk Management

We would like to provide you with an update on recent activities regarding the future of the CWA 15793 Laboratory Biorisk Management. As you may know, the document is scheduled to expire this year and a number of options for its future are being discussed by an International CWA Steering Team (Chaired by Gary Burns with representation from IFBA, EBSA and ABSA) and others across our global biorisk management community.

Recently, there has been an exchange of views between the International Steering Team and ISO Technical Committee 212 in adapting CWA 15793 into an ISO deliverable (e.g. Technical Specification, ISO Standard). The matter was discussed at a plenary meeting of TC 212 in Singapore last week, at which a representative of the Steering Team, the IFBA and several other interested parties from the international biosafety community also attended. A decision was taken to develop a preliminary work item proposal to put to the Committee as a resolution for formal adoption.

If the Committee vote is in favour, and if consensus is reached amongst the WS 31 participants who originally developed the CWA 15793 to support this approach, then the Committee will include development of CWA 15793 into an ISO deliverable in its work plan.

The IFBA would actively participate in this process as a Category D Liaison Organization in order to provide technical input, inform the drafting of the new document, and continue to seek broad input from our regional and national biosafety member associations and observer organizations. An international survey seeking your further input will be distributed shortly in this regard.

Please also note that the International Steering Team has established a website which will be populated with relevant information as this issue unfolds (http://globalbiorisk-public.sharepoint.com). We would strongly encourage you to follow developments on this website and actively communicate with, and seek input from, members of your national and regional biosafety associations.

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