Laboratory Biorisk Management - Guidelines for the Implementation of the CWA 15793

The CWA 16393:2012 "Laboratory Biorisk Management - Guidelines for the Implementation of the CWA 15793 "is now available to download for free at the following link:
The free download of this CWA has been made possible through funding provided by the European Biosafety Association (EBSA), the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association (A-PBA) and the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) through the International Federation of Biosafety Associations.

Following the release of CWA 15793:2008 'Laboratory Biorisk Management standard' and its distribution worldwide, the user community (laboratories, managers, biosafety and biosecurity professionals and others) identified the need for an additional document assisting in the understanding of the CWA 15793 and helping end-users in the actual implementation.
Underlying this initiative are needs to:
Increase the likelihood of CWA 15793 being adopted by the user community;
Ensure that users of CWA 15793 are able to easily understand and confidently implement all aspects of the CWA;
Increase the confidence of stakeholders (including regulators, funding organizations and the community) that there is consistency in the application of CWA 15793 across different laboratories.

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