AfBSA Joins Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium

We are glad to announce AfBSA has joined The Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium. GET consortium is a registered Non-Profit organization, registered in the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.
GET has five working groups:
a) ECEPAS (Ethics Community Engagement and Patient Advocacy and Support)
b) CASE (Cultural, Anthropological, and Socio Economic)
c) Research and Clinical Trials
d) GPP (Grants, Publications, and Proposals)
e) CESI (Cclimate, Environment, Surveillance and Intelligence)

and has currently 3 projects in development:
a) ERP which is Emergency Response and Preparedness
b) Biosecurity, Biobanking and Biodata (B3) project
c) Conference organizing committee
There are six Portfolios at GET
a) HR and Admin
b) Accounting and Finance
c) Legal
d) Communication
e) IT and Website
f) Sustainability
You can find out more about the GET Consortium from the attached GET Executive Summary and from the following links:
1. GET's historical perspective; our first press release in 2014:
2. GET Ghana Launch

Primary Contacts

To send feedback, suggestions or register as a member please contact:

African Biological Safety Association

Fairlane House off Mbagathi Road

P.O Box 35749-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254-714283195, +254-020-5256052 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.