Uganda to host maiden regional biosafety biosecurity conference, 14 to 15 November 2016; Sheraton Hotel, Kampala

East African Countries states are implementing Biorisk management programs/ agenda / projects mainly in health sector that are aimed at protecting health workers and the community from unintentional exposures to biological, agents or limiting possible intentional exposures by harmful people. However, current global demands on public safety and security dictate the use of multisectoral approach to prevent, safeguard, mitigate, and contain possible biosafety biosecurity threats.

Uganda like any other East African state has faced increased risks from emergence of re-emerging infectious agents for example Ebola, Marburg, Poor food and beverage safety management, Civil un rests, Immigrations, Poor animal health management systems, Regional terror groups, Weak biobanking and pathogen access control systems, Weak specimen transportation systems, Weak disaster management response systems among others. These risks remain eminent dangers to our populations especially in the face of possible bioterrorism.


Given the above situation, Ministry of Health Uganada has organized a two-day regional biosafety biosecurity conference Titled: "Bioterrorism in EA Region; Are we ready? Examining strategies for regional Biosafety and Biosecurity multisectoral collaboration." which is aimed at examining member states and or sectors preparedness levels and identifies gaps for action.

Identification and discussion of these gaps will stimulate current efforts and help redirect or reshape further possible support to Biosafety Biosecurity management programs in the region.

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