Governing Council

Council Role and Duties

Part V Section 10 states;


The Council

10. There shall be a council to be known as the African Biological Safety Council which shall be the supreme administrative organ of the ASSOCIATION and under the guidance of the President, exercise all powers and perform all functions of supreme administrative organ.

a. The Council shall consist of not less than seven (7) and not more than fifteen (15) members elected as provided in Clause 8(a) and (b), provided that the ASSOCIATION shall have the power to vary the minimum and maximum numbers herein provided as the circumstances may warrant.

b. The tenure of office for the members of the Council shall be as provided in Clause 8(d) and (e), provided that members of the Council shall under normal circumstances, vacate office on a rotational basis of one-third thereof: and for the first rotational retirements the alphabetical listing of the members' surnames shall be used to determine those to retire.

c. The Council shall meet such number of times in a year as it shall deem fit unless directed otherwise by the President or the exigencies of the time, provided that the Council shall meet at least once prior to the holding of the annual meeting and the annual conference.

d. The Council shall make rules to govern the conduct of its affairs and procedures of its meetings and of all matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto.

e. Any member of the Council who ceases to be a member of the ASSOCIATION or institution or organization to which he/she belongs and by virtue of which he/she became a member of the Council shall cease to be a member of the ASSOCIATION, and ipso facto, a member of the Council.

f. The Council, in consultation with the President, may fill by way of nomination, casual vacancies occurring among its ranks, provided that such casual nominations shall be subject to ratification by the ASSOCIATION at its next annual meeting following the filling of such vacancy.

Functions of the Council

11. Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 10 (a), the Council, under the general guidance of the President, shall:

a. Formulate policies and guidelines for the efficient management of the ASSOCIATION.

b. Draw the agenda for the annual meeting and the annual conference and in consultation with the Steering Committee organize the realization of the annual meeting and the annual conference.

c. Through Steering Committee and the Secretariat, implement decisions, actions and resolutions of the ASSOCIATION passed or taken at the annual meeting and the annual conference or other general meeting thereof.

d. Oversee or otherwise supervise all the activities of the Committees of the ASSOCIATION.

e. Decide all urgent and other emergency matters which would otherwise be decided by the ASSOCIATION itself at its annual meeting and the annual conference had it not been for the inability of the annual meeting and annual conference to convene in time or at all.

f. Administer the property and funds of the ASSOCIATION in such manner and for such purposes as will in its opinion, promote the best interests of the ASSOCIATION.

g. Cause the preparation of the annual accounts of the ASSOCIATION and to lay the same before the annual meeting for approval.

h. On the advice of the African Biosafety Conference Committee, approve research and financial estimates therefore.

i. Administer approved estimates.

j. Receive or solicit for and/or on behalf of the ASSOCIATION grants in aid, gifts, donations, fees, subscriptions or other moneys and make disbursements there from.

k. Make regulations governing the appointment, conduct and discipline of employees of the ASSOCIATION and for the management of any other matter of the ASSOCIATION for which, in the opinion of the President, regulations should be made.

l. In consultation with the Steering Committee, draw up a scheme of service for employees of the ASSOCIATION.

m. Administer the approved terms and conditions of service, including appointments, dismissals, remuneration and retirement benefits of employees of the ASSOCIATION.

n. Manage the seconding of personnel to and out of the ASSOCIATION in co-operation with other organizations, institutions or agencies.

o. Receive and or consider nominating of persons, organizations or institutions recommended for an award, prize, or recognition by the ASSOCIATION and thereafter recommend to the ASSOCIATION the cause of action; And conceive and develop various prizes, awards or schemes of recognition.

p. Borrow on behalf of the ASSOCIATION and mortgage or charge the property of the ASSOCIATION in security to such loans.

q. Appoint trustees and auditors of the ASSOCIATION.

r. Do any and or all necessary things so as to achieve any objectives of the ASSOCIATION.

Primary Contacts

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